transitional logic: check two parameters simultaneously?

I have a music track with cues (loops) that are basically arranged in a 2-dimensional array. There is no crossfading going on, just jumping from one cue to the next. I need to check for two parameters at the same time to achieve what I want to do, however, I can only specify one in the trigger behaviour bit of a transition.

So, what I’d like to achieve is:
If (parameter1 == x && parameter2 == 2 ) {transition to cue z;}

I thought I could work around this by first transitioning based on one parameter, and then from there immediately transition again based on the 2nd parameter, also making use of the hierarchy of which transitional conditions are checked first.

But that doesn’t quite work, because it matters which cue I’m transitioning FROM, and using another cue that is never played back as an intermediary step messes with that.

I have the cues arranged on the timeline and mostly just use the parameters for the transitions ( also to automate some additional tracks’ volumes, but that’s not the issue).

Do I need to take a different approach, maybe? Nested events?

Adding support for additional conditions is on our to-do list, but in the meantime, I’d suggest adding another parameter and doing the more complicated logic in game code. You could potentially set something up using nested events and multiple automations of a third parameter, based on the two input parameters, though this is probably overly complex.