FR: Multiple trigger conditions of the same parameter

Hello fellow mad scientists. Got a feature request. Multiple trigger conditions for the same parameter.

Example scenario: You have an event (say footsteps) where you trigger two multisound modules. One of the two are used for blending, so when your raycast tells you that your footstep is a blend between gravel and grass, you want to play both grass and gravel, and you setup a trigger condition for this. Trouble is, you also want to play the gravel sound when the raycast tells you that it’s gravel, and you want to setup a trigger condition for this and lo and behold, you can’t.

Right now, one of the options is to switch the probability automation so that the event launches on A and C but ignores B, but this is a tedious work

Thanks for the request Anders. So to clarify, for example, you might want to trigger the sound when a single parameter is:

within the range [0, 1] OR within the range [3, 4]?

Currently when you use multiple parameter conditions in Studio, each condition must be met (i.e. it is a logical AND operation, not a logical OR). However, to let you in on some of our future plans, we would like to add support for:

  1. Inverting a parameter condition (e.g. “not within the range 1 to 2”).
  2. Selecting whether conditions evaluated using an AND or an OR.

I think if we supported OR, and we also allowed multiple conditions for a single parameter, this would meet your requirements. Does this sound correct?

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Any update on the “OR” feature?

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Hi Yang, thanks for asking. This is still on our to do list (and fairly high priority). In the meantime, in many cases you should be able to get this sort of behavior by creating a duplicate of the triggerable item and placing mutually exclusive trigger conditions on each.


That’s exactly right, yes :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve updated the notes for this request. Thanks.

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Hey, Any update on the “OR” feature?

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At the time of writing (June of 2019) that feature is not yet available in FMOD Studio.

Is there any estimate when the feature will be available in FMOD Studio?

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Not at this time.