Is it possible to use two instances of a Condition with different values?

My Event has a parameter with four value states, 1 thru 4. Let’s call the parameter, “Emotion”. I want to create a playback condition that results from a value of 1 OR a value of 4 being true.

In the “Add Conditions” window, I included an instance of the “Emotion” Parameter Condition equal to 1, and tried to add another “Emotion” Parameter Condition equal to 4, but it appears I’m only allowed to use one instance of a Parameter Condition within the Conditions window. And I cannot set two different ranges within a single Parameter Condition.

I can think of less elegant ways of getting around this, but I wanted to ask, is my understanding of the above description correct? And I cannot assign two separate, non-subsequent Condition values (like, 1 OR 4) as a Parameter Condition?

Hi Robb,

We do have this “or” condition ability in our tracker for a future release. It currently isn’t possible to have the same parameter or an “or” condition

The workaround currently is to have two transition regions (or whatever condition-based behaviour you’re using) and have one condition (1) on one transition region and one condition (4) on the other transition region.


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Thank you for replying and confirming.
That was my solution. I just duplicated the audio and assigned the additional condition to the copy.