Help with system->getRecordPosition return FMOD_OK but the position always zero

i’m using fmod on my android app to record sound with low level api getRecordPosition,it works just fine on many devices ,but on device vivo x85a,the call of getRecordPosition return FMOD_OK but the position always zero,i tried many times most of time has this problem.any idea?thanks.

            Determine how much has been recorded since we last checked
            unsigned int recordPos = 0;
            result = system->**getRecordPosition**(DEVICE_INDEX, &recordPos);
            if (result != FMOD_OK) {
                LOGC("recording break :%s", FMOD_ErrorString(result));

            unsigned int recordDelta = (recordPos >= lastRecordPos) ? (recordPos - lastRecordPos) : (
                    recordPos + soundLength - lastRecordPos);
            lastRecordPos = recordPos;
            samplesRecorded += recordDelta;
                LOGC("zero recordDelta!recordPos:%d",recordPos);   // **<-------- always hit**

Are you able to get any logging from the device when this occurs?