Ho to get the actual parameter value after Velocity and Seek is applied

We encountered a problem with our Music System.

In our game we have multiple music events with many parameters.

Our games save system is based on a screenshot like behaviour. Currently we get all music events and save them with all of their parameter values and the timeline position. When we load the game those values will be set and the event played.

Now the problem is that our sound designer has used Velocity quite a lot.
That means that the values we get from getParameterValue are therefore incorrect because the velocity has changed it to another value.

The music system often uses empty loops where it stays until a value is 1 and jumps back into the loop when it is finished with a cutscene music. So velocity is used to create a sort of trigger behaviour in the events.

I’ve looked through the FMOD documentation and I could not find anything to get the real parameter value.
Is it possible or has anyone a good workaround for this problem?

We are using Unity 2018.4 and FMOD Studio Version 1.10.13.

Thanks in advance,

Studio::EventInstance::getParameterByName retrieves two values: The value to which the parameter was set, and the final value of the parameter after adjustment due to automation, modulation, seek speed and velocity.