How and when to call studio.system.update

Hi there. I’m just wondering how and when I should be calling the studio.system.update function? I think it may help an issue that I’ve got with a game I’ve been working. I have not used any of the studio.system functions before and just wondering if any one could break it right down for me… All the way down.

There is a section on Update in the Getting Started section of the White Papers.

FMOD should be ticked once per game update. When using FMOD Studio, call Studio::System::update, which internally will also update the Core system. If using Core directly, instead call System::update.

If FMOD Studio is running in asynchronous mode (the default, unless FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_SYNCHRONOUS_UPDATE has been specified), then the Studio::System::update will be extremely quick as it is merely swapping a buffer for the asynchronous execution of that frame’s commands.