How best to Setup Synchronised Multiple Events in Studio for Unity?

Hoping that someone maybe able to point me to a sensible solution for this scenario:

I have 3 droids that move around a 3d space in Unity.
I’d like to have FMod handle their 3d audio for attenuation and panning.
I’d like each droid to be playing one track of a song, eg. droid1 = lead, droid2 = bass and droid3 = drums.
I have different versions of each track to crossfade between as the droids speed changes, eg a minimal drum track can transition into a full drum track with percussion etc at it’s top speed, (I plan to use a float parameter for this as the droids are being tweened along a path, no rigid bodies etc…)
All the audio clips for all the droids need to stay synchronised (they’ve been exported and are seperate tracks to a song.

As far as I can tell I can’t have different tracks of an event be “attached” to different objects in Unity for 3d audio and if I set them all up as seperate events then they loose synchnisation over time.

thanks in advance for any suggestions


What version of Unity and FMOD are you using? Could I get a screenshot of the event in FMOD Studio?

An option could be using Transceivers (FMOD API | Event Reference). Begin with the Source Event we will want to set up Audio Tracks (FMOD Studio | Glossary) for each of the tracks e.g. lead, bass and drums which will have their own transceiver sending to a receiver event. Finally make sure the Master Track on the source event has its Fader set to -80dB, this way it can be added to the Unity scene but won’t be heard.

Each receiver event will need need to have a small Loop Region (FMOD Studio | Glossary) to keep it playing to receive the signal from the source event. Also adding a Spatializer will allow for the attenuation and panning you are looking for.

Now you can have the source event playing in the scene and each of the receiver events playing their signal from their position in the world all while staying in sync. Hope this helps!

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Wow, thanks Connor, that worked a treat!
I was completely unaware of the transceiver effect, really useful in this situation where I needed to “break” down tracks within an event into an event!

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No worries, happy to help!