Radio System in Unity


for our game in Unity we are looking to implement a radio system. This system should have a few radio stations with each station having a few tracks in them. The thing however is that the player can create more radios. So multiple radios can be in audible range of each other. Also preferably we would want the player to be able to change radio stations per radio independently, but to have it behave like a radio the timelines of these events should be synced up.

I’m curious if there is a way to do this from within fmod or if we need a more complex unity system.

To summarize:

  • Multiple radios in close range of each other
  • Multiple radio stations
  • Change stations of each radio independently
  • Sync timelines of created events



An option could be using Transceivers (FMOD API | Event Reference). I explained how you could use transceivers here: How best to Setup Synchronised Multiple Events in Studio for Unity? - #2 by Connor_FMOD. This is using transceivers to play a source event at multiple locations while keeping everything in sync.

You will need to get a reference to the transceiver DSP using getChannelGroup() and then getDSP() using the dsp.getType() to make sure you have the right one. In the transceiver FMOD API | Core API Reference you can see the channel is in the 2nd index so we will use dsp.setParameterInt(2, 0); to set the channel number for the event e.g. the radio station number.

If you need a script reference find attached the code I used. Hope this helps!
ChangeChannel.txt (2.7 KB)

Thanks for the response! I did try using transceivers. However this lead to audible latency between events. Didn’t think about turning down the parent. This’ll get us further for sure!

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