How do I access an event from an animation montage notify in C++?

Hey guys,

I’m really new to FMOD and integrating it with UE4 so I apologize if this is a naive question. I have an enemy which has a “charging up” audio and I would like to fade that out if the enemy dies or is interrupted. Right now, I have some events which are triggered on an animation montage using FMODAnimNotifyPlay.

How would I go about accessing these FMOD events from C++? Is the event owned by the Animation Blueprint, Animation Instance, the Skeletal Mesh, etc…? Should I try to access them through blueprints instead?

Thank you!

Update to the post:

I did a bit of digging around and gave up on the idea of integrating FMODAnimNotifyPlay and C++. I just created a custom notify event (UE4 Event) to play the event (FMOD event) and saved a reference to it. That way, I can always access the event while it’s playing. Hope this helps someone in the future. If someone has a better implementation please let me know, I would be very interested in that.