template in FMOD Studio

does FMOD Studio has the same function as Template as FMOD Designer does?

No, FMOD Studio does not support templates of the kind used in FMOD Designer 2010. If you import a Designer project that contains templates into Studio, the templates will be automatically converted into ordinary events.

That being said, FMOD Studio does have three features that, between them, effectively replace Designer-style templates:

  • Copy and Paste allow you to rapidly set up a new event by copying an existing one. As long as you do not assign your “template” event to a bank, it will not be included in your built project.

  • Bulk Edit allows you to edit the properties and content of multiple events simultaneously, removing the need to duplicate labour when making the same change to multiple events.

  • Event reference sound modules allow you to reference an existing event in other events by having the other events trigger an instance of the referenced event whose output is routed through the other event’s audio track.

Those three features make Designer-style templates unnecessary under most circumstances, in our experience. Let us know if you need any help with them.

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