Hi everyone

I’ve noticed since 1.04 I am no longer able to create sub-events. Am I missing something?


Hi Richard,

I read somewhere that sub-events are now deprecated, and that Event modules are the new standard way of achieving the same effect. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I read that and I can’t find it anymore, but I swear that’s what I read :). Perhaps somebody from FMOD can verify?

Thanks Adiss,

I poked around and kinda got that idea… It’s unfortunate, to me the old way makes more sense. I prefer being able to SEE all the sub events in the event tree view. It seemed to make sense before to have events nested within events, which inherit it’s parent’s positional data and properties to a certain extent. The new way is weird though- it seems that any sub event (event module) MUST have a place on a timeline too, which doesn’t make sense to me.

Does FMOD ever plan on doing something akin to the actor-mixers in Wwise? Perhaps the ability to apply properties to a folder, causing all of it’s contents to inherit those properties (unless explicitly overridden).