How to add DSP network branches that do not connect to output.


I am trying to create a DSP network of the following form.

1 Input
2 | Apply effect on signal
| 3 Analyze signal for other purposes
4 Output

As you can see DSP 3 is not connected to the output. This is because I am not interested in its result for the output, I am simply using it to process the signal in real time and extract some information.

However when I set up such network in FMOD, DSP 3 is not played at all, and does not show in the profiler.

Is there any way to create branches in the DSP network that are not connected to the output but still processed?

Thanks in advance.

In this case you’ll have to connect your DSP into the graph and simply fill the output buffer with silence. Or add your DSP on the main signal path and pass through the input to the output unmodified.

Thanks I will try this. And thanks for your time today it has been very helpful!

I have to say the documentation is not very clear as to what conditions are needed for a DSP to be processed, which leads to a lot of trial and error as soon as you start trying to create branches in the network.