How to apply UE4 Sound Cue settings to an FMOD Audio event

At this point in time, there seems to be no way to have UE4 treat an FMOD Audio event as a UE4 Sound Cue.
The reason I’m wanting this is to have all of UE4s attenuation settings exposed so I can adjust them in real-time. When dealing with a 3D racing/adventure game there is no way I can possibly design all of the audio nodes without any visual information on the min/max distances.
I know if I make sound from within UE4 all of these things are exposed. I’ve tried hooking up nodes via blue-prints to FMOD audio events and I have gotten SOMEWHERE, but still, hacking up crazy blue-prints for every single FMOD audio event can’t possibly be the work around…

Looking for a proper solution to actually using FMOD in UE4 for 3D games. - Thank You.

Hi Jeremy, we can add a task to our feature tracker to better expose overrides for min/max.

In the meantime, you have a few options:

  1. You could wrap the FMOD emitter in your own blueprint and set min/max via blueprint (as you have been doing). However, you can make the reusable by exposing variables. For example, you could expose an FMOD Event reference, a boolean value for bOverrideMinMax, and two floats for min and max values. Make these variables publicly editable (so you can edit them in the property grid) and pipe them to FMODAudioComponent in the construction script.

  2. You could modify the integration code – I’d start with looking at adding some properties to FMODAudioComponent. Even better, you could fork it on GitHub (

Thank you for this! I’m finally circling back around to this issue now. Did you guys end up adding this to a feature list?
Both of those solutions you listed above are workable, but just to make sure,
If I modified the integration code, I’d be able to set it up to override certain FMOD settings (such as min/max) and give priority to UE4 for those parameters?
While still retaining FMODs attenuation or 3D panner properties?

I know there may need to be some shuffling around to get that to work but it is possible, right?

This has been added to the feature list and will hopefully be released soon.

As Patrick mentioned, in FMODAudioComponent, you can use something along the lines of:

SetProperty(EFMODEventProperty::MinimumDistance, minimumDistanceFloat);

This will manually override the settings set from FMOD Studio.

We are also running into this issue. It doesn’t look like something that can be set up in BP as a parameter via construction script either. We’ve ended up making multiple version of each emitter FMOD event, at different sizes and volumes. This gives us no tuning in the engine.

The blueprint workaround can be setup something along the lines of this example:
Then you can adjust these parameters in editor. Note that the scales are different between FMOD and Unreal.

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Has this been fixed by 2019?

How should I change the attentuation parameters and test them, without having to hit “play” or “simulate” the whole time and without saving the changes.

I’m not sure what you mean by:

How would you expect to audition a sound and test it’s distance attenuation without it being in a game world? Can you elaborate on what you are wanting to do?