Unreal Attenuation Override Not Affecting FMod Events


In a current build of a game I’m working on, I’ve created FMod events for various sounds and they’re all working in Unreal with no problems, however the lead designer would like to be able to change things like volumes and distance attenuation without needing to request a rebuild of the Master bank for every single change. I would have thought this could be done by checking the “Attenuation Override” box on the event asset in Unreal, however any changes made here have no effect.

Can making volume/attenuation/etc. changes be done from within Unreal?

I have this same issue and concern. I can’t seem to get UE4 to read any 3D or Attenuation settings from the FMOD events. In fact, even changing FMODs settings won’t make a difference. I’m stuck wondering if I should be trying to use FMODs parameters or UE4s, as of now, neither seem to work properly for me.

I have been able to get around the issue of needing to build banks everytime when testing though. You can use Live Sync with Studio and UE4 and that should update your changes real-time. You’ll still have to build banks when you’re done though.

Thanks for your response! Live sync is a possibility, but since I’m just copying the banks to the designer’s computer so he can load up and test the FMod events, this would essentially mean teaching him the basics of FMod and setting up live sync on his computer. I suppose this could be done if there’s no other options, but it would be much better if there was a way for him to make the changes in Unreal since that’s what he’s familiar with, and since this is something that can be done with any old audio file, I wouldn’t have thought it to be a problem with an FMod event.

For changing the event volume and event distance falloff, you will need FMOD Studio. It is not possible to do that outside Studio in UE4.

The only exception is a per instance min/max distance that can overriden via FMODAudioComponent::SetProperty or FMODBlueprintStatics::EventInstanceSetProperty (these are exposed via Blueprint).

Hi Geoff,

Thank you very much for your answer. Very frustrating but I suppose it can’t be helped. In that case we may just have to use a combination of FMOD events and straight audio files to save from having to rebuild and retransfer every event/bank for every single change.

Thanks again for the help!