How to change default Bank .ogg compression quality?

Hi, when I make new banks it defaults them to .ogg (which is fine) and 37% Quality — which seems oddly low.

Any way to change that default? And is there a reason why 37% is the default? My understanding is the % roughly maps to .ogg’s own 1-10 quality.

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The creators of the vorbis codec consider quality 5 to be undetectable, and recommend quality 3 as the best balance between fidelity and size.

There’s no way to change the default in 1.7. However 1.8 has a newer workflow which includes setting defaults.

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Ah, thank you Nicholas! Will test. I wasn’t aware of that.

Which 1.8 are you referring to? I’m on FMOD Studio 1.07.06.

1.08.00 which will be released in a month or so.

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Now we could adjust the quality, how much % is equivalent to quality 5?

Thank you!

The FMOD range is from 0 to 100, the Vorbis range is from -0.1 to 1.0.

The formula we use to convert between them is:
Vorbis_Quality = ((FMOD_Quality - 1) / 90.0f) - 0.1f;

So for quality 5 (or 0.5 as it is used in the Vorbis API) you need FMOD quality 55.

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Thank you!