About the quality in FMOD SoundBank Generator

Hello,I am novice at the fmod.
My computer system is window 10.
I tried writing a new tool which can change the sound from the .bank in a game.
This .bank is composed of .fev and .fsb.
If I want to change the sound,I need to make a new .fsb by the FMOD SoundBank Generator.
The order of sound in .fsb must be the same as the original.
It’s too much trouble to put them in the order.
So now I want to write a new tool which can Auto-arrange and then build a .fsb to replace the old bytes in the .bank.
Now I face to a problem that I can’t control the vorbis quality.In the FMOD SoundBank Generator,we can change the format and then control quality.The tool I write can’t do it.
If the .fsb I build is larger than the original .bank,the sound in the game will be boom!
The fsbank.cpp conclude that
subSounds[i].fileNames = &gTutorialFileNames[i];
subSounds[i].numFileNames = 1;
subSounds[i].speakerMap = FSBANK_SPEAKERMAP_ALLMONO;
subSounds[i].overrideFlags = FSBANK_BUILD_DISABLESYNCPOINTS;
subSounds[i].overrideQuality = 1;
subSounds[i].desiredSampleRate = 1;
result = FSBank_Build(subSounds, gNumTutorialFileNames, FSBANK_FORMAT_VORBIS, FSBANK_BUILD_DEFAULT | FSBANK_BUILD_DONTLOOP, 100, NULL, “test.bank”);
“100” is quality.Is it right?
Can somebody tell me how to call fsbank.dll and which variable can control the quality?

Hello, check out the documentation here :


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OK,I see.And the fileData is the whole of .fsb or each of the sound?

FSBANK_SUBSOUND::fileData is an array of pointers to each of the subsounds you want to include in the final .fsb

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