Does Vorbis quality in Unity scale to the same % in FMOD Studio?

I’m in the process of moving over some audio components in Unity to FMOD Studio proper.

My understanding is Unity’s built-in soundsystem uses an older FMOD, so does the scale work the same way for compression?

In other words, on the Unity Vorbis Quality scale of 0-100, if I set that to 37%, is that effectively the same as FMOD’s default compression of 37%?

Almost certainly yes, but you’ll have to ask Unity to confirm that.

Unity does use an older version of FMOD for its built-in sound system, and their documentation for the Vorbis compression format available on Unity describes it as using an optimized non-ogg container format - which strongly suggests that they’re using the optimized non-ogg container format that’s a feature of FMOD.

However, it is possible that, for one reason or another, Unity is using a different method to convert Vorbis’ -1 to 10 scale to a 0 to 100 scale in a different way to how FMOD does it. Unfortunately, as we don’t have access to Unity’s code, and their documentation doesn’t seem to say one way or the other, there’s no way to be completely certain without asking them.

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