How to check if a specific event is playing

hi there! i’m having an issue where i’ve created a trigger that is not supposed to retrigger if an event is playing but i don’t know the nomenclature correctly in C#. here’s what i have in a case statement:

i initialize first like this:

FMOD.Studio.PLAYBACK_STATE eventPlayState = 0;

case TriggerType.Single_Cue:
if (eventPlayState == 0) 
	fmodEvent = FMOD_StudioSystem.instance.getEvent(selectedClass.path);
	} else

Unity tells me my variable will always return zero, and essentially this is how it’s behaving. when i use this case it acts just like a oneshot. i want the trigger to not retrigger the event until it’s finished playing. however since i’m not giving a specific duration, perhaps Studio is just continuing to play the timeline, and therefore has to be manually stopped? maybe there’s a function to detect no signal from a specific Event? would appreciate some feedback on this - thanks!