How to control a parameter with a slider in Unreal?

Hi there. I know this is a noob question, but I am just trying to figure things out. I want to setup a simplest slider in Unreal that would be linked to any parameter that I set up in FMOD project. Pitch change, volume, whatever, really. I guess it should be fairly simple, but I can´t get to find how to do it.
Also, is there a way how to “automate” such a parameter so that I could set manually the time over which it would change?
Thank you!

Hi. You probably want to create in UE a Widget blueprint containing a slider, then create an instance of it at runtime and adding it to the viewport and maybe enabling the mouse input, something like this:

You’ll then use the event “On value change” of the slider to link the return value to your fmod parameter.

I didn’t understand…