Stepped click on slider in unreal

Hello. I am stuck. I want to create a sound for a UI slider in unreal but am not sure how to do it. My initial thought is to have a short click that is repeated when the slider moves making a “fake stepped” incremement to give feedback to the user. I’m not sure how to go about this or if there is a better way like a sequence of clicks that can change speed as the user moves the slider.

Hi Rob,

There’s a few way to do this, I’ll give you two examples.

First would be to set up the event with a parameter. To make it easy for the programming side, I would recommend having the parameter use the same range that the slider allows (eg. 0-100).

Either set up the parameter to use one single or multi instrument that is stretched out to cover the whole parameter range, or use multiple single or multi instruments at each “stepped” value. In your game, you can then play a one-shot event instance for each time the value of the slider is changed, using that value as the parameters value (eg. play one-shot event at slider value 20 with the parameter value also at 20).

If you are using one single or multi instrument that is stretched out, add an autopitch modulator to the instrument. This will automatically adjust the pitch according to the parameter value (which is also the slider value).

If opting for multiple instruments, please be sure these instruments do not touch the other “stepped” values. In other words if a click plays at value 0 and a different one at value 10, don’t have the first instrument stretch 0-10, then the second 10-20, etc. This would cause both “stepped” values 0 and 10 to play at the same time.

I hope this helped. Let me know if you need more information.


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