How to create .bank from .wav

How to create .bank file from .wav with fmod studio.
I’m creating a 2D game in Visual Studio 2017 in c++ with OpenGL, SDL, and I want to create the sound of a explosion when the character in this game die. But I don’t know how to create .bank file with fmod studio from .wav file.

I’m sorry for my bad English.
Thank you for your any suggestion.

If you are using FMOD Studio, you will need to create an FMOD Studio project, create an event, add the .wav file to an instrument, assign the event to a bank, then build the bank.

If you are using FMOD Core then you can create an FMOD::Sound and pass in the .wav file to that sound.

Do you know which one (FMOD Studio vs FMOD Core) you are using?

How to export a .bank?

Using FMOD Studio you can do this by either pressing F7 or go to File, then Build. You can find possibly relevant Build settings in Preferences to select where the built banks should be exported to, wether you want the banks to include all metadata, what platforms the banks are for, etc.