How to crossfade between parametered modules?

Hi everyone,thanks for the attention.I’m new to Fmod Studio,there’s a problem on my work,and quite glad to get any inspiration here.

In our track there’re 2 pieces of looping mucic,they will be triggered by the parameter of “Time”.We want them to crossfade when one jumps to another one.

Like the picture below,I drag the “BGM-morning"module(the blue one) in the"night part”,so when the parameter of “Time” change from morning to night,the crossfading can work.But it seems can’t drag the "BGM-night"module(the red one) to some appropriate position to make the crossfading work…

Here is the problem:when it change from night to morning ,how can they crossfade?Any idea?

enter image description here

The simplest way I can think of would be to add an AHDSR modulator to the volume of each of your sound modules, and use the attack and release periods to describe how your modules fade in an out when the cursor enters and leaves them. To add a modulator to a property, right-click on the knob of that property where it appears in the deck, then select the ‘Add Modulator’ menu item from the context-sensitive menu.

Coincidentally, version 1.06 includes some improvements to transition timelines that will make setting up this kind of transition easier.

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Thank you very much, Joseph,that helps a lot.AHDSR is amazing!
But it’s still confusing when I adjust volume of a module,let’s say -5 dB,then drag any dot in the AHDSR window,the volume sounds lower immediately,much lower than -5 dB.Then play the module again,it sounds back to -5 dB.Is that normal or…?
Thanks again.

@TiaoTiao That sounds like a bug, though I’ve not been able to reproduce that behaviour. What version of Studio are you using?