How to do pitch shift like audiacy

Hi every one, i want to make voice changer app using fmod, i have some question below, please help me to clear them.

  1. how do i make picthshift like audiacy (pitch and frequency changed) example in audiacy when i change pitch Capture with 2 param in audiacy , which function and paramater in fmod i have to use to have same effect.
  2. i have apply pitch on each chanel then mix them together, please tell me how to do that.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad english

To change the pitch without affecting the playback speed, you will need to use the Pitch Shifter effect on a track you need it on. If you’re applying this to an entire event, you would place it on the master track, for example.

I’m not sure what your second question is asking. Could you provide an example?