How to get "Built banks output direcotry" in script?

I am writing a script that I would like to store some information in.

I’d like it to save to the build directory (Built banks output direcotry), like project.exportGUIDs().

But there doesn’t seem to be any other path-related functions besides project.filePath.

Is there any other way to get the directory?

After some more searching, I found the answer in the forum:
Changing path a .bank builds to with command line - FMOD Studio - FMOD Forums

Just use:
studio.project.workspace.builtBanksOutputDirectory = <some directory>;

This doesn’t appear in the documentation though, so maybe it’s an oversight?
FMOD - Scripting API Reference | Project.Workspace

I’m happy to hear that you figured out a solution, and thanks for pointing out the missing property in the documentation. The Scripting API docs for studio.project.workspace (and other areas) are a little lacking, so I’ve flagged them for updating on our internal feature/improvement tracker.

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