How to load bank file by addressable


My unity project reports high memory usage from profiler and it seems by FMOD banks.
By profiling, “Untracked Memory” consumes memory about 300~400MB(Removing FMOD, it reduce 300~400MB memory usage).
I use Addressables in unity, FMOD bytes(context is “bank stub:SFX_xxxx”) files are set as addressable assets.
And it use “loadBankMemory” method so I tried change it as “loadBankFile” but it occurs error.

loadBankMemory works well with addressables. But loadBankFile does not work.
How can I change my logic as loadBankFile with Addressables?

loadBankFile will not work with addressables because FMOD cannot just use the asset file, we need to get Unity to decompress and extract it first. The way we do this in RuntimeManager.loadFromWeb is by loading the file through a UnityWebRequest into memory.

This is the point at which you could write the data out to a file to use with loadBankFile if you wanted to, but you would have to do this all manually.