How to loop an event only once?

In the below image, I have a parameter named “location,” which, when it sets to 0.10+, triggers the move from loop 1 to loop 2.
Additionally, in the second track, there is a transition event between these two loops.
I wish to make this transition to trigger only once (which is also triggered when “location” is 0.10+), and I’m not sure what is the right way. Now, it triggers every time the second loop loops.
I will appreciate any help, thanks!

Resize the single instrument on the Transition track so it is between the two loop regions and set the instrument to async. The problem is that the timeline cursor is inside the instrument in the transition track when the second loop restarts. By making it async the sound will naturally play till the end, even if you make it visually shorter.

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As alexzzen says, the solution here is to shorten the instrument on your “transition” track such that it doesn’t overlap the second loop region. I can see from your screenshot that it’s already an asynchronous instrument, so it will play to end when triggered (as long as its cut toggle button isn’t enabled).