Async Instrument stop loop

Hello here! I need support from anyone, I don’t know what to do anymore!

I have a project that is divided into 3 looped sections: SOUNDSCAPE – COMBAT – BOSS

Within the “SOUNDLANDSCAPE” section I have 2 parts: A loop of a 5 minute track (we will call it ENVIRONMENT) and a set of 5 short tracks that are randomly looped together (We will call it “RANDOM TRACKS”), which are superimposed on the “ENVIRONMENT” track.

“ENVIRONMENT” has the following characteristics: it is in “Async” mode, looped (since I need this track to ALWAYS SOUND), and within the CONDITIONS options I set the polyphony to be only 1 (because, in case of not doing so, when switching between sections the same playbacks overlapped), Also, it is encompassed in a loop region.

To maintain a common thread between the SOUNDSCAPE and COMBAT sections, I make the “ENVIRONMENT” track remain when moving to the COMBAT section, lowering its db in the latter section.

Finally, the BOSS section is a totally new track, where I lower the DB completely to the “ENVIRONMENT” track (so as not to saturate it, since it is designed for moments of great tension within the game).

The problem is that I can’t get the track “ENVIRONMENT” to constantly lop. When finished, it does not restart again. Sometimes yes sometimes no. I have tried all kinds of alternatives and nothing.

I already tried updating to the latest version and redoing the entire project.
I even tried to use this track in a “Parameter sheet” and the same thing happens!


Yes, this is due to a limitation of transition timelines: even if source and destination overlap, an async instrument going through that transition looses its continuity and is retriggered (or not, depending for instance on the polyphony limit).
There may be some workarounds, though. I’d be curious to see your parameter sheet version, because it should absolutely work and may even be the best option here.

Hi Alcibiade,

thanks for replying.
I need this instrument NOT TO STOP LOOPING. How do I do it?
What do you mean by “parameter sheet version”?

I mean you said you made an attempt by putting the environment instrument in a parameter sheet. This should work.
As I said, the loop problem comes from the fact your transitions contains transition timelines.

Yes, but the instrument stopping anyway :frowning:

So you messed up with something. Of course, you should check the “loop” button on the instrument. Could you share a screenshot of your parameter sheet, with the instrument’s details?

Could you guide me how to do that?

Just open the parameter sheet, click on the instrument, which will show it’s details in the bottom tab.

like this?

Hum… You said:

but you don’t seem to know what parameter sheets are…
Check the doc about that. I’ll help you later when I go to my PC.

In the project I use 2 discrete parameters: one is to switch between the different sections “Secciones”(Soundscape - Combat - Boss), and the second is to activate different tracks within the “Combat” section, to add more tension: “grados de tensión” (My lenguage its spanish)

Oh, sorry. Its because i deleted that. Get me a second and i do this again

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Yes. The multi (2d track) maybe should stay in the timeline, from what I see in your first screenshot, depending on the behavior you want. Don’t forget also to remove the single instrument (1st track) from the timeline. You also should check the “cut” button and set a release on the instrument volume’s AHDSR, depending if you want the single instrument to restart at the beginning or not when it is untriggered/retriggered.
So? Doesn’t it loop correctly when switching from section to section?

I need the “ambient” track to be extended until the second section including “combat”. When changing section (Soundscape - Combat - Boss), everything works ok, until the track ends and is NOT repeated. Now I will send you several screenshots so you can see it.


I’d also like to see the content of the “trigger behavior”.

of that instrument? or region?

The instrument (I can see it’s not empty).

I you stay still on section 0, does the loop problem still occurs?
Since your instrument is long, try this to test the loop more easily (it will start near the end of the asset):