Play loop to end

Can someone help please? Im really new to FMOD. I have set up number of loops with parameters. When I turn the knob to play the next loop, it plays from whenever the knob is turned. how do I set it up so the full loop plays before moving onto the next loop in the sequence.

It sounds like you have created an event that contains a number of instruments laid out along a parameter, and are using that parameter to determine which one plays. This will not produce the behavior you want, as FMOD Studio interprets the parameter playback position overlapping the instrument as a sign that it should trigger that instrument.

If it is important that new instruments only start playing at particular points in an already-playing track, you should either place asynchronous instruments on the timeline and insert transition makers at the points at which a transition should occur, or add quantization behavior to each instrument’s trigger behavior.

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Hi, thanks for the information. Although it went slightly over my Head haha. This is my second day of using FMOD so very rusty with the terminology and locating tools. It would probably be easier to show you a screen grab of my project

I would really appreciate a few pointers, if I haven’t structured my project correctly etc.

Also I have encountered a problem with duplication. for some reason a green bar has appeared, you can see this in the pic (link).

Unfortunately, “a few pointers” is a bit too broad for us to answer without just repeating everything that’s already in the manual. However, if there are any specific topics that you have questions about, let us know and we’ll answer them as best we can.

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Unfortunately, I’m not sure which green bar you’re talking about; there are ten green bars (of six different types) in your screenshot. If you specify which one you’re having trouble with, we’ll be able to tell you what it is.

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