How to loop multiple sounds independently inside one event?

Hello, I’m trying to create a chaingun firing sound that loops while a key is held, and when it’s released, it plays an ender/wind-down sound. The looping part consists of layered assets of different lengths. Is there any way to make them loop independently?

The first track is a wind-up sound. The next three are the loop layers that I’d like to repeat seamlessly, and after the loop region, some of the tracks play a wind-down sound together.

I think I can use transition markers to move to the wind-down bit when the fire button is released, but my main problem is that I can’t get the looping layers to loop independently, if that is possible. Async didn’t help.

Instead of using a loop region, perhaps you should change all instruments in the looping area to async and cut, and then have a sustain point right at the beginning of there. Have a transition marker to take you to the wind down immediately after the sustain point. That way when the player releases the button the playback immediately transitions to the wind down. You might need to play with AHDSR modulators on the instruments to have a smooth fade out for when they are untriggered.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t do this right… Sorry, I’m rather new to this, could you explain more step-by-step?

If I delete the loop region, how will the sounds loop? Setting to Async and Cut doesn’t loop them, they all just play once through. Where should I put the sustain point - where the firing begins? What about the transition markers?

This is just a rough outline and needs tweaking to sound good with your assets.


  1. Rev up (can be async or not)
  2. FireMotor is set to async and looping (select the instrument and enable the looping button on the right hand side of the waveform)
  3. Main also set to async and looping
  4. Change Fireclicky to an async looping multi instrument with the two instruments you have
  5. The sustain point and transition marker are placed just after the start of the looping instruments
  6. Once key off is called it should transition immediately to the “End” marker

The “Cut” property will untrigger the instruments as soon as the playback cursor is no longer over the instrument. So depending on how quickly you need these sounds to cut off, you may need this property enabled or not.