Looping multi sounds

Hi there!

Normally the loop region causes to randomly select the sound upon repetition. Is there a way to make loop regions stick to a specific sound out of a multi?
To sum up, I would like the process to look like this:

  1. One sound is randomly chosen out of a multisound.
  2. The same chosen sound is looped until release.
  3. Every time the sound is triggered a new sound is randomly chosen (and looped).

I am unable to find a way to make it work. Am I missing something?

Simply set the multi sound module to Async mode, and you will get the behavior you describe.

Unlike synchronous sound modules, asynchronous sound modules do not retrigger when the playback position moves as a result of a loop region. Note that you cannot seek within an asynchronous sound module, so the entirety of the selected playlist entry will play, not just the part contained within the loop region.