How to pass a Programmer Instrument through a sequence of FMOD events with effects?

Awhile back, Jeff gave me some terrific things to think through. I’m currently finding it more structurally succinct and easy-to-understand to have different events with a single Programmer Instrument in each, the idea being that each event has a different chain of DSP effects that will affect the Programmer Instrument’s raw sound. This seems more wieldy than having a whole long list of Sends, also for parameter automation purposes if I have 1-3 parameters exposed per event.

But, in revisiting some of this, is there a straightforward way I could have the Programmer Instrument passed through multiple events in serial, so it’s going like this:

Programmer Instrument ➜ Event 1 (fancy reverb) ➜ Event 2 (pitch shifters galore) ➜ Event 3 (filters in motion) ➜ and so on…

Or even in parallel? Where a single instance of Programmer Instrument is played through multiple effects-centric events at the same time?

The overall intent being that each event is just processing one raw signal source of sound in succession, and not stacking multiple instances of a Programmer Instrument.


An option might be using Transceivers (FMOD API | Effect Reference - Transceivers). Following Jeff’s of “using parameters to automate the volume of the send would be the way to go. Here is a simple example using discrete parameters to set the send level to 0db when active and -∞db when inactive” however instead of a send it would be the transceiver.

Setting up the source programmer sound like so

and then all following effects as so:

The issue with this set up being the more effects you have the more complex the parameter combinations will be.

I would suggest again Jeff’s other suggestion “Alternatively you could add effects to the event at runtime using System::createDSPByType and ChannelControl::addDSP, which would allow you to setup effect chains in any order.”

Hope this helps!

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@Connor_FMOD It sure does help! Thank you for taking the time to do this illustrated guide to helps clarify my thinking.

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