How to: play intro once, then magnet regions

Hi! Hoping someone can help me with magnet regions (maybe I should be using them in my case).

This is a bit tedious to describe, so thank you for following along.

In brief: I want an intro bit of music to play only once, then I want the play head to move to any active magnet region.

I have a piece of music with 4 parts – Intro, Part A, B, and C. The intro should always play once, only at game start. After the intro, it should go to Part A and loop it until a certain threshold is crossed–at which point the music should go to Part B; and when the next threshold is crossed, move to Part C. And at any point, regress to an earlier part.

My current attempt: I have a “labeled” parameter named Progress, one label for each part (low_weight, med_weight, high_weight, which correspond to A, B, and C respectively). And each part (A, B, C) has a magnet region around it. The idea is that the code will call A, B, or C, depending on the game’s progress/regress.

The problem though is that at game start I can’t get the intro to play because the first magnet region attract the play head – so then I create an extra label in the Progress parameter, called Intro, and set it to the default value. At the end of the intro, the play head moves into the A section. But after playing the A section once, it doesn’t loop A–which is expected because the parameter is still set to Intro.

So the parameter needs to be changed to label A after the Intro is played once. My question is: What’s the best way to do this?

Of course, I may be approaching this incorrectly from the beginning, so if there’s a better way to do this, please enlighten this noob!

Here are screenshots to help describe my current state:

Thanks for your help!

The easiest option would probably be to add a “set parameter” command instrument to your event, right at the end of your intro section, and use it to set the value of the parameter that controls the event.

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