How to play one shot events with Steam Audio Reflections?

I am struggling to figure out an elegant way of doing this. Currently, I have tried creating a game object with a StudioEventEmmiter attached to it and adding a SteamAudioSource to it. But every time I invoke play on the object the sound only plays sporadically maybe 5% of the time.

Ideally, I would have liked FMOD to achieve this seamlessly via a Create Instance call and have all the steam audio stuff done automatically.

If I manually place an event emitter with a steam audio source attached to it into the scene, the reflections work fine and there are no audio artefacts to speak of.

From what I’ve read, is the only way to achieve this literally to create a brand new instance of an event emitter and steam audio source EVERY time I want to one-shot a sound that requires steam audio reflections?

is there not a more elegant way to approach this? I really like how the FMOD handles one shot instances.

Doing some further testing, I have disabled occlusion and transmition in the fmod event. Now the sound plays 100% of the time. But the reflections happen still only at 5% of the time. This is from a static event emitter with a steam audio source attached being activated and deactivated.

Is this a bug with steam audios interface with fmod? How do the two even communicate in unity? I’ve looked at both the scripts and none mention each other whatsoever.

This sounds similar to the issue described here. Steam Audio is a third party plugin that we do not maintain and the best thing to do is to reach out to Valve or submit an issue on their GutHub. It looks like you’ve already logged a bug, so I’ll add a link to the issue here for anyone who encounters this in the future.

Did you ever figure this out? I am having similar issues - trying to play oneshot sounds and the occlusion and transmission are not updating properly or something.