Steam Audio Spatializer Occlusion Works Only Once Per Gameobject Then Misbehaves

(Using steamaudio_fmod_4.0.3, Unity 2019.4.0f1, and FMOD 2.02.04)

I baked audio geometry and set up occlusion to be Simulation-Defined.
On a gameobject I have a Steam Audio Source (with occlusion activated) and FMOD emitter.

First the sound will play as expected, but when I try to play the emitter again, there is no sound until I disable occlusion in FMOD live update.

I’ve tried this with emitters OnEnable, but also tried to play it from script, but the result was the same. Occlusion stops working correctly when I start to play the emitter again.

Are any errors being printed to the Unity console? If you connect via Live Update are you able to record a profiler session and see which event instance and when it cuts out? Does it produce any errors or does the API replay show anything odd? It could be the emitter being placed in an odd position so the occlusion kicks in and becomes inaudible.