How to randomize AHDSR so each "strike" has a different attack?

I really like all the Randomize features in FMOD Studio, they add life and spice to proceedings!

Here’s what I want to do: each time an event is triggered, it varies the attack speed so some are “mushier” than others.

I know I can change things like Start Offset, which is complementary but different.

But what I’d like to do is:

  • Add an AHDSR envelope.
  • Right-click Attack.
  • Add Modulation > Random. Right now it just shows “Add Automation” which is not as surprising as I’d like it to be.

Is there a clever workaround for this, or does it need to be added to a future version?

FMOD Studio does not currently support modulating modulator properties, and I’m afraid I’m not aware of any clever workaround that would do exactly what you want.

The closest thing would be to automate the attack value of the modulator on a parameter, and then modulate the value of that parameter using an LFO modulator set to the the “Noise (Stepped)” shape - which would randomize the modulator’s attack property, but would re-randomize it at fixed intervals of time (the exact frequency being determined by the LFO modulator’s frequency property) rather than each time the associated instrument was triggered, and each simultaneously-playing instance of the instrument would share the same attack time, which might become noticeable if multiple instrument instances are spawned in rapid succession.

I’ll add your suggestion that we support modulation of modulator properties to our feature/improvement tracker.

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