How to randomize Game Music on Gameplay?

Hi there, I’m pretty new to the whole FMOD API, but I was wondering if someone could help me out.

I have a gameplay music 2D event, but I want it to randomly pick through the songs every time the scene is reloaded. So the song loaded in the scene should loop.

Let me know if I’m unclear so I can explain it a little better.

If you have a multi instrument with a playlist set to shuffle, setting the playlist and each entry to loop infinitely will randomly choose a playlist entry and loop it indefinitely. If you create & play the event instance when the scene loads and stop & release the event instance when the scene is unloaded, this should give you the result you want.

You can also look into using a parameter sheet to control which track is played by passing a value into the parameter. This gives you greater control over which track exactly gets played.