How to set event instance timeline position without SetTimelinePosition?

Hi there,

I am trying to make something like an audio player where user can seek/scrub music instantaneously.

I am playing the audio by creating an EventInstance

Currently due to the delay occurred when using EventInstance::setTimelinePosition, I decided to use DSP by getting the channel group, the channel from the event instance, to get and set position of the music.

The problem is, the timeline position of the event instance continues to move forward regardless of the dsp changes. So when the event instance has reached the end of timeline, the event instance is stopped and there would be no music even though my current dsp clock has not reached the end of the length.

Is there a way to be like updating the timeline position of the event instance to be the same as dsp clock when the dsp clock is manually changed by user ( seek/scrub ) without using EventInstance::SetTimelinePosition ? So that the event instance wouldn’t end?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.


What version of FMOD are you using? Could I see a code snippet of how you are creating and setting the position using the DSP?