How to set the timeline position of a playing clip in runtime?

I’m trying to sync some music over multiplayer and can’t for the life of me find out a way to set the current event instance’s time to a specific point in the timeline.
It seems like “EventInstance.setParameterByName” Should do the job, but when I use it, nothing happens…

I tried to print out the results aswell, at first i got something like FMOD.Results.OK but not anymore, not sure what happent, but i get no errors or anything that indicates where the problem is…

Setting a parameter to what song is currently playing works fine, so the instance is working, but, shouldn’t i get an FMOD.Result.OK from that too then?

private void SendSync(int timelinePosition, int song)
    FMOD.RESULT res1 = SongEmitter.EventInstance.setParameterByName("Song", song);
    FMOD.RESULT res2 = SongEmitter.EventInstance.setTimelinePosition(timelinePosition);

    Debug.Log("Set pos: " + timelinePosition
        + "\n Song: " + song
        + "\n res1: " + res1.ToString()
        + "\n res2: " + res2.ToString());

Thanks in advance Isac E.

EventInstance::setTimelinePosition is indeed the correct API for setting the playback position of the Event, be aware that the time unit is milliseconds. Displaying the error codes are a good way to debug, also you can link with the logging “L” version of FMOD to get extra debugging output. Finally connecting the FMOD Studio Profiler is a good way to get a view of what’s happening with your Event instances.

Yea, as noted above I tried logging what happens to the results of the API calls, It returns “OK” but the timeline doesn’t change position as far as I can tell…
I’ve tried debugging in Fmod Studio to try and see if anything happens, but that doesn’t show changes in the timeline for a specified event instance. Also took a look into the console and API calls section of the profiler, but can find nothing that hints on anything going wrong or right…

Also tried changing the log level in unity to try and get something, but it doesn’t seem to respond at all to changing the parameters more than my own debug.log:s

Feels like something is blocking it from changing its time…
There’s not a parameter that we might have forgotten to turn on or off inside FMOD studio…?

What versions of FMOD and Unity are you using?
How/Where are you using your SendSync function?