How to set up multiple output formats on one platform (in Engine)

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Thanks for the answer and solution regarding FMOD Studio, but now I need to know, who to handle that from Code/Engine side:

In the FMOD Integration Setting (in UE5) down in the platform tab, I just can set one platform entry per platform. Unlike in FMOD Studio, I can’t add a second Windows platform with a different output setting. Or do we have to overwrite the output format in the basic tab settings?
I don’t even understand how to set up the Bank Output Directory for this case.

Can someone help me, please?

In the FMOD Unreal plugin settings you can choose which platform to build to by setting Force Platform Name to the bank directory you want. If you built to a custom platform called “Surround 5.1” for example then you would put “Surround 5.1” as that value.
Bank Output Directory is the subdirectory inside your UE project’s Content folder where banks are located.

Thanks so far!
The programmer was on it to do it like described.
However, it had some issues with the meta/assets split banks. As I understood the programmer, this does not work with that set up. It does not work if the (shared) asset bank is in a different directory.
For that workflow, UE does not like the split banks and wants assets.banks in every directory.

Unfortunately the ability for the FMOD Unreal integration to load banks from asset banks and metadata banks in separate folders has not been implemented. I have added this task to our backlog, in the meantime please either untick Skip building assets for this platform to ensure asset banks are created in the same directory, or change the Built bank file separation mode to “Build metadata and assets to a single bank” to build assets into each bank.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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