How to set up sidechains for a multiplayer game properly? Priority system

The idea is that there are players, and each player hears the sounds around them. But how can you make it so that a player, for example, is sitting in a car and hears the engine sound, and there are other players nearby in cars with their engine sounds as well? How can you make Player1’s sounds have priority and mute Player2’s sounds?
I’ve noticed this issue when players gather in one spot with cars, and the sounds start overlapping.

I would appreciate any advice, thank you!


Can you clarify a few things for me? Specifically:

  • Are you creating a networked multiplayer game, or a splitscreen multiplayer game?
  • Are you using a single listener on player 1, or a listener on each player?

HI @Leah_FMOD I have a similar issue, where surrounding players can hear each others’ low health heartbeat sound, for example. How do I prevent that?

It is a networked player,
It is a listener on each player as far as I know, seeing as each player runs the game independently on their machine and connects over the internet to play together in the same scene.

Assuming that you only want each played to hear their own heartbeat sound, this is likely a problem on the API side of things - you’ll want to set up your game code such that the only heartbeat sound event that plays is the one belonging to the current client’s player.