Splitscreen multiplayer problem!

Hey guys :)! So I am at the moment working on audio with Fmod + Unity for a game with some with some friends. When you go past certain objects in the game at high speed, you’re supposed to hear a passing object “swoosh” sort of effect. I created this by using a simple white noise loop, EQ:ing it to create more resonance and then I put sound emittors on the objects that needs the swoosh effect, so the event is playing all the time on the object and when you go quickly past it it quickly fades in and out, createing a swoosh effect. Using a speed parameter so that the player doesn’t hear the event at lower speeds.

HOWEVER, will this be a problem in multiplayer splitscreen? After reading about how 3d multiplayer splitscreen works with Fmod I assume only the closest player hears the sound? But what about they other players speed? Will they affect the parameter controlling the volume of the event? That’s what I am assuming and hence I am stuck on how to solve this… :(.

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If you just have each listener updating the parameter value, then they will all affect the speed.

You might be better off working out which listener is closest to the emitter and then set the parameter using their speed.

A rough example could use something along the lines of:

var storedListener

foreach Listener
    var DistanceToListener
    if DistanceToListener < DistanceCutOff
        if DistanceToListener < previousListenerPos
            storedListener = Listener

if storedListener != null
SetParameter(Speed, Listener.speed)