How to Setup Loops with Intro and Reverb Tail

Hello everyone, the question of how to setup loops with intro cue for swells into the beginning of the loop section, and exit cue for reverb tails to ring out in full, seems to come up often, so I wanted to make a video to help people with the setup. Also some of my colleagues think that this feature is available only in Wwise, so I wanted to make a video about it.

# The Best Way To Setup Loops in FMOD With Intro and Reverb Tail

What do you think about the setup? Is there a better way than what I am suggesting in the video?



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Maybe are you not aware loop regions now also have transition timelines ; it will work as well and will probably be more intuitive for most people to use loop regions than transitions/markers.
There used to be an issue with loop regions in a particular case where the tail wouldn’t play, which I describe in that thread. That’s why I ended up doing as you, looping with transitions instead of loops, in this music: FMOD adaptive music with unlocking loops - YouTube
But as I just tested, this issue seems to have been fixed (in 2.02.03).

By the way, that’s not the first time I see people not aware of loop regions transition timelines. Though it could be because they are old FMOD 1.x users, I think the most probable reason is that, unlike transitions, transition regions and magnet regions, loop regions don’t create a transition timeline when it is double-clicked.
Though it’s a really minor issue, I think it would be better to have a consistent double-click behavior by default on all those objects.

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The setup you showed is perfectly fine. As mentioned loop regions can also have transition regions although it is not very discoverable. I have raised this with our development team and will look into it for a future version of FMOD Studio.

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