Transition timeline in loops?

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, or even if it is relevant, but here is a feature suggestion anyway.

I have always been struggling with seamless loops, and this hasn’t stopped by using FMOD. There is often a little detail that prevents the music (or whatever audio clip) from looping smoothly, whether it is a reverb tail that cuts or a digital clipping induced by sudden silence (even with short fade-ins or fade-outs), or whatever.

There are always workarounds, but this is always a bit annoying to do and always feels like a patch-up job to me.

These days, I am more and more replacing loop regions by transitions that point to the beginning of whatever audio clip that has to loop, and use a transition timeline to blend the end of the loop with its beginning.

And I was wondering : wouldn’t it be an interesting feature to allow a loop region to trigger a transition timeline between its end and its beginning ?

Have a great day,

To add a transition timeline to a loop reigion, right-click on the loop region and select “Add Transition Timeline” from the context menu.

Wow I feel super dumb now. Thank you joseph :slight_smile: