Any way to loop a music segment while keeping the tail?

Hi there. Although I’m not really new to FMOD, I’ve been using mostly Wwise for the last few years due to specific projects that used it and now I’m back on FMOD. On Wwise you can loop a piece of music and the tail of the file will continue to play even after looping - if there’s some more audio after the looping point it won’t cut drastically to go back to the beginning, but rather play both the remaining audio AND the beginning of the loop again.
My question is: is there any way to achieve that with FMOD currently? It’s great to loop like that and it would be amazing if I could achieve the same with FMOD. I’ve found some threads that mentioned putting the loop on a multi-instrument, but that didn’t work for me, the sound would still cut when it was time to loop.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can create a loop zone at your loop point and overlap the previous loop with the next loop.

Here, the turquoise zones are the previous track still playing, and the orange zones and the new track, with two bars of overlap for the tails to play out.

Ah okay, thanks!
And there’s no way to do anything like that if I have a loop region instead of looping with transition markers, right? I have plenty of other transition markers all through this project and it would be cool if I could do it with a Loop Region instead to keep things cleaner! :slight_smile:

Dunno. I’ve only been using FMOD a few days. Just had a look and yes, you can add a transition timeline to a loop region. Unlike Transition Markers where you can double click to create a Transition Timeline, you have to right click a loop region for the option.

You can create a loop transition region if you right click on your loop region.

Ohhh yes, so it was way easier than I thought! I got so used to the double click thing that didn’t even think about right clicking. Thanks a lot for the help, folks!