Parameter changes quantized

FMOD 2.02.06

Hey everyone,

I was wondering it is possible to have a parameter changed being quantized while being changed over a script; ie, you would changed a parameters but the changed would only have effect at the beginning of a bar or something like that.

Thank you for the advice!

At the time of writing (August of 2022) there is no way to quantize a change in parameter value.

That being said, it is possible to quantize the triggering of instruments and most logic markers. This means that while it is not possible to quantize a change in parameter value, it is possible to quantize most things that would be affected by a change in parameter value. Only automation cannot be quantized in this fashion.

The thing is that what I’d like to quantize is a volume change of the track, for layering control. Using quantization to trigger the instruments has not work for me in this project, so I’m looking for options.

As I said, we do not currently support quantizing changes in parameter value.

That being said, you could work around this limitation by using command instruments. A set parameter command instrument can set the value of a parameter, and can be quantized to only trigger on the beat; as such, if you created two parameters, one that is set by your game’s code and triggers one or more command instruments, and one that is set only by the command insturments and is used to automate your track volume, you could achieve the behavior you want for specific discrete volume levels. If you need to be able to set the volume to arbitrary levels, that could be done by using just one set parameter command instrument if you automate its value property, but you would need to ensure the command instrument is retriggered regularly (perhaps by an additional parameter subject to LFO modulation.)