How to trigger a 2nd multi instrument on release of mouse?

I have a laser pulse drill sound that I have in a Multi instrument, it contains the start up sound and then it loops the sustained sound until release of the mouse button which then triggers another event with the cooldown multi instrument.

My question is asking if i can achieve this in one event?

Is there an easy way to end the loop and trigger the cooldown sounds ?

Yes it is. I would go with a sustain point!

Any chance you can explain a little further?

Yes I can. How is set the main loop? Could you share a screenshot?

What I have in mind is something like this:

When you trigger “Key Off”, it goes seamlessly to the cooldown. But this assumes the multi playlist entries blend correctly together by themselves. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to setup a nested event.

Everything should play nicely together, I basically recording the starting sound, the loop and the ending sound and just chopped them up. Was easier to just trigger a new event for the cooldown but i want to learn how to do this on one event

Love this solution. How did you get key off to trigger the ending sounds though?

Ok, so with what you have, the solution will be something like:
The nested event will be your actual event (without the cooldown).

If you mean in Unity, I don’t know! Check the doc!

Just meant in FMOD more. So basically its the same result as just having 2 seperate events that are triggered in Unity.

Just press here: image

It’s better, because it’s nested in one event, so it’s handled by fmod. It’s fmod’s job! it really shines with complex multi-levels nested events.

Is key off something within fmod though? It doesnt appear for me. Thank you for all your help btw

The button will appear when you put a sustain point in the event.

Hmm okay thank you!

I got the key off to show up but pressing key off does nothing and im not 100% how to get it to switch to the sustain point(cooldown sound)

Your setup is not correct, the playback is stuck in the loop and never reach the sustain point. Why don’t you try the way I showed you?

The nested event doesnt play anything when i press play.

Just to be clear: your parent event must be a new empty event, in which you drag/drop your actual event in it (it will be the “nested event” I’m talking about). Did you do this correctly?

Got it! Didnt know that step. Thank you!