How to turn on low latency playback on Android (UE4)?

I was checking debug logs from Gear VR (Android) play session and I see that low latency audio is off for FMOD.

How do I turn it on? (I am using UE4 FMOD plugin)

Thanks beforehand

FMOD internally takes care of supporting low latency mode if the device can be in low latency mode.

Can you provide the LogCat output from the logging version of FMOD so I can verify it’s behaving correctly?

If by logging version you mean logcat from UE4 app (with FMOD plugin) running on the device, here they are:

The first one is when UE4 app crashed, second one is when the app was running fine.

It looks like that particular device does not support low latency mode, this is a limitation of the hardware. FMOD will take this information and default to using the AudioTrack output mode as it has better handling for high latency devices.

You can always override this by calling System::setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_OPENSL) before System::init but there is a possibility on such devices that it will be unstable.