How to use a VCA to pause events

Hi there, sorry for the noob question.

How do I use a VCA to pause all music events sent to a group bus?

You can’t. VCAs cannot affect the play state of events.

oh derp, VCA is for volume settings. my bad


Can I put in a feature request for this? Since we can pause a BUS, I see no reason conceptually why we couldn’t also pause a VCA, since a VCA is just a collection of busses (and events), which are themselves all pausable…?

It would be nice to have a PAUSABLE VCA, which allows the FMOD user to control very specifically what is paused and what is not, without touching code…

(I considered a workaround where I could get all of the busses running through a VCA and simply loop through them, but there doesn’t seem to be an API call for getting that kind of information from a VCA)

Of course!

While buses and VCAs are presented in similar ways in FMOD Studio, they’re significantly different under the hood: Each group bus corresponds to a channel group, and channel groups have a number of built-in features for performing mass operations on their child channels and channel groups; whereas VCAs do not correspond to channel groups, and so do not have these features.

Which isn’t to say we can’t do it; just that it’s not as straightforward and simple a change as it might seem.

In any case, I’ve added your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.