How unity uses Audio Source pitch to play sound backwards

Hi, I’m using unity’s audio source, and I know it uses FMOD as core library to reproduce the sounds.

I want to know how the unity audio source uses FMOD to change the sound pitch, because in Unity you can define a negative pitch to play the sound backwards (it seems that it changes the sound frequency), so 1 is playing normal, 0.5 is half frequency, but also -1 is playing backwards and -0.5 is playing backwards at half frequency (lets say 22050 for a 44100 KHz sample).

I’m trying to do the same as unity but using FMOD Studio API, since I can’t play sounds backwards in FMOD Studio, I’m trying to reproduce the sounds backwards programatically.

Any idea? Thanks

Unity uses an older. and likely highly modified, version of FMOD for their audio.

It is not possible to play sounds backwards in FMOD, this is something that Unity would have had to add themselves.