HRTF implementation status in FMOD 5?

I am starting to work on an academic project with the focus on HRTF and because of that I will need to produce correct 3D sounds programmatically.
I have been looking into the existing libraries and so far my best options are OpenAL-Soft and FMOD.
I prefer FMOD better because of the active development and support and other benefits but I need to be sure about the possibility of producing correctly positioned 3D sounds.
I have read on the forums that the current HRTF feature is a placeholder and not a real one but the latest post about this subject is for at least a year ago.

So my question is, what is the current status of HRTF implementation and if it’s not done yet, when is it going to be done?

Thanks in advance.


Never mind, I switched back to OpenAL-Soft 1.14 >= which have HRTF table creation and usage features and I just needed to enable the features.
Now I have a working HRTF enabled sound output platform which could be customized with different HRTF tables based on the desired results.